We DIg Deeper


Integrity is the “possession of firm principles, of honesty.” At Castle, we won’t tell you what we think you want to hear. We will hold true to providing you with solutions for completing your civil project that are just: from pre-construction budgeting to hard-bid proposals, to change management and accounting practices, all our business principles are focused on ‘doing the right thing.’


Intensity is the “magnitude of energy and focus”. The nature of contracting has evolved. Safety is a dominating priority. Understanding local utilities and environmental regulations means having up-to-date informational knowledge. At Castle we understand the changing world of our industry and have the focus to forge ahead.


Intelligence is “the ability to think and learn.” We take pride in knowing that providing informed solutions to our client’s challenges is one of our hallmarks. Our managers are degreed and experienced in the ways of self-perform contracting giving us the ability to provide our clients with hands-on leadership, skilled in problem solving.